• There is NO race day registration!
  • Swimmers will not be allowed to arrive at the Sailing Center until 30 minutes before their scheduled start time!
  • No spectators or family members are allowed at the Open Water Swim Festival.
  • Only a single parent is allowed to attend the event with a swimmer who does not have a driver’s license. If more than two children who do not have a driver’s license in a family are participating, the children are still only permitted to have one parent attend the event with them.
  • All swimmers must be pre-registered and will be assigned a specific start time.
  • Please write your race number on a large sheet of paper and place on the dashboard of your car prior to your arrival at the Sailing Center entrance driveway to assist with swimmer registration and check-in!
  • EVERYONE attending the Open Water Swim Festival must wear a face mask from the time they exit their car until re-entering their car.
  • All swimmers must wear a face mask except when entering or exiting the water.
  • Any swimmers who arrive prior to 30 minutes before their start time will not be allowed to enter the parking field.
  • Swimmer Check-in will occur on the entrance roadway to the parking field above the Sailing Center.
  • Each swimmer will be provided with a registration packet on the roadway to the parking lot which will contain two (2) waivers that must be signed by each swimmer, a bathing cap, and two (2) timing chips. One chip must be worn on the swimmer’s wrist and one on their ankle.
  • Both Waivers are to be signed by each swimmer or their parent if they are under 19 in the car and brought down to the swim start area with them.
  • Each swimmer must have their own pen in their car with them to sign their Waivers!
  • Each swimmer is requested to body mark both of their upper arms with their race number either the night before or the morning of the race at home.
  • No body marking will be allowed or performed at the Sailing Center.
  • Swimmers are allowed to use flippers, wetsuits, pull buoys and/or personal flotation devices during their race. The swimmer’s results will be noted if they use any such devices during their race.
  • Any swimmers experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms are asked not to participate in the event.
  • Swimmers are expected to depart the Sailing Center and the parking field immediately upon completion of their event.
  • No dogs are permitted on the grounds of the Sailing Center!
  • Food and drinks will not be provided to the swimmers during the Swim Festival and there will be no award ceremonies or other activities.
  • All swimmers are directed to bring their own fluids and their own food and nutrition.
  • Swimmers will be starting 1 minute apart during each race with each swimmer having a pre-assigned start time.
  • There will be serval porta johns available for use during the Festival. However, everyone is urged to use bathroom facilities before arriving and after departing if possible.
  • There is no running water and no drinking water available at the Sailing Center
  • Swimmers must use separate entry and exit points to access the water during the race and all swimmers are required to pack up their belongings and immediately depart the Sailing Center and the parking field upon the completion of their race.
  • All swimmers and race volunteers are required to maintain a minimum distance of six (6) feet between themselves and others at all times while in the parking field and while walking to and from their cars to the Sailing Center and while on the grounds of QSC.
  • Finish results will be e-mailed to all competitors and posted on the Race Timer’s website.
  • For Wrist Chips
    1. Please place your wrist chip on your RIGHT wrist.
    2. Remove the small adhesive strip and wrap to comfort. This is a single use strap.  You cannot readjust or the adhesive will not work.
    3. Make sure to be DRY when applying any chips to your body.
    4. This chip will be used to initiate your start time. We will have sensor on the dock that you will waive your wrist in front of to start your time.
    5. This chip is not designed for high speeds. You must place your wrist close to the sensor to work.  You can be within 1-2 ft.
  • For Ankle Chips
    1. You may place this chip on either ankle. Do not place this chip around your calf. 
    2. You must apply the chip when you are dry. Wrap as tight as you can while still being comfortable.  This is a single application chip and is not adjustable once it is on.
    3. This is your main timing chip.
    4. Your time will end after you exit the water over the timing mats on the ground.

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    Thank you for taking the time to read our important guidelines.  We hope that you have a fun and record setting race!  For any additional questions email us at:  fasttracktiming@gmail.com