Hunt Hill Farm Autumn Roubiax Cyclefest

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to see you for this awesome new event!

We want to make sure that you have the best timing experience possible so we have a few instructions and tips for you.  Tomorrow you will receive a bib number (race number) and an ankle chip.

You NEED to wear both the number and the chip to recieve a time!!!  The bib must be worn on the front of your shirt or jersey. If you wear it on your back, shorts or any other place your finish may not be confirmed.  The ankle chip must be worn around your ankle.  Please do not wear it around your calf muscle.  The ankle chip is also a one time use band.  This means you must put it on snug and you cannot readjust it.  If you have done any triathlons or swims with us you will be familiar with the bands.

Both your bib and ankle band have transponders/chips in them.  Do not remove them during your ride.  These will help us capture your finish time.   If you have questions please come find us at the timing tent.

Results can be found here after you finish:

We will see you tomorrow!

The Fast Track Timing Team